[amsat-bb] W1AW/4 Orlando Hamcation Demo

John Papay john at papays.com
Sun Feb 14 02:10:28 UTC 2016

Thanks to everyone who called in to work K8YSE portable
at the Orlando Hamcation.  We had a great time working
everyone on SO-50 and FO-29.  The crowds were big and the
weather outside was sunny and warm

Although there was a lot of interest in seeing
our station, 9 year old Hope, KM4IPF operating
W1AW/4 on SO-50 definitely stole the show.

Before the pass I watched her pull the compass out
of a bag and tell her father where to point the antenna
at AOS and where it would finish up at LOS.  She used
two HT's for the operation.  Dad held the antenna for
her as she made contact after contact.  She had a crowd
around her and we had the IC910 set up about 40' away
and our crowd was listening to her on our setup.  Steve,
N9IP, was the antenna man at our station.  Near the end of
the pass I called her on the 910H and got a confirmation
from W1AW/4!  We had a signal path hundreds of miles long
but were only 40' apart!

Rick WA4NVM provided a recording of the pass and it is up
on my website:  http://www.papays.com/sat/general.html

Frank K9CIS also sent in some recordings of our
FO-29 passes which I'll put on the website later.
Anyone needing confirmation of a Hamcation contact with
K8YSE on LOTW, just send me the qso details
and I'll upload it.  I can also do a qsl card on

There is nothing like a good demo to generate interest
in satellites.  Just set up a station and the crows
starts gathering.  Thanks to everyone who helped
with the effort.

John K8YSE

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