[amsat-bb] Channel settings to work BY70-1

Mac A. Cody maccody at att.net
Fri Dec 30 05:10:14 UTC 2016


I'm looking at setting up my hand-held radios to attempt to
work BY70-1.  Given that my radios have a minimum step size
of 2.5 KHz, I'm trying to set them up to account for the
frequency sensitivity of BY70-1.  I am going to use the
channel set listed as follows:

   CH         RX          TX      TX Tone
BY70-1    436.2100    145.9175    67 Hz
BY70-2    436.2075    145.9175    67 Hz
BY70-3    436.2050    145.9175    67 Hz
BY70-4    436.2025    145.9200    67 Hz
BY70-5    436.2000    145.9200    67 Hz
BY70-6    436.1975    145.9200    67 Hz
BY70-7    436.1950    145.9225    67 Hz
BY70-8    436.1925    145.9225    67 Hz
BY70-9    436.1900    145.9225    67 Hz

Does anyone see anything errant is this plan, such as a shift
in the base TX or RX frequencies?  If so, please let me know.
Otherwise, I hope that this channel set may be useful to


Mac / AE5PH

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