[amsat-bb] BY70-1 with an HT

Matthew Stevens matthew at mrstevens.net
Thu Dec 29 18:35:34 UTC 2016

I worked N8HM, AC0RA, AA5PK, and XE2AT on a 75° pass earlier this morning, using 5w from a D72A HT and an Arrow antenna. Because of the 5khz tuning steps on the HT, it was a little tough getting in except for a short window +/- about 1 minute before and after TCA due to uplink Doppler shift. I could key the transponder earlier/later in the pass, but my audio was pretty poor except during that brief window around TCA.

On the same pass I heard KI4RO work several stations, and also last evening W4FS, both who were using HTs and handheld antennas. So, it's definitely possible with low power from an HT. I'll be experimenting some more on upcoming passes to see just what is possible with basic equipment.

- Matthew KK4FEM

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