[amsat-bb] BY 70-1 operable

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 06:58:50 UTC 2016

The 06:34 UTC pass was much better.  Heard myself with full quieting
through the second half of the pass, down to about 2 degrees.  Oddly,
not able to get in during the first half...  No idea why.  Base
frequencies used (plus Doppler) and Keps for 2016-083A as picked up from
Celestrak this morning.

Didn't hear anybody else.

One other thing I've noticed is a very strong signal that swept upwards
through the downlink passband during the pass.  Heard it last time too. 
It didn't seem to have a specific carrier (sounded like a full quieting
signal on both SSB and FM mode).  Didn't seem digital (no buzzing, not
GMSK), but was definitely wide banded.  Never heard anything like it
before.  What else was launched with this bird that might also be using
the 2m ham band for a downlink?

Greg  KO6TH

Greg D wrote:
> Weak pass, as expected.  But I did hear myself towards the very end of
> the pass.  Downlink seemed to be about 2 khz low, but hard to know for
> sure.  I tried moving the transmit side a bit, but no real conclusion
> there on what works best.  Maybe a khz or so low there too.
> Next pass is late tonight, if I remember.
> Greg  KO6TH
> Greg D wrote:
>> Ok, found the frequencies:  436.200 up, 145.920 down, per Wakita-san's
>> website (http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/by70ca45.htm).
>> Have Gpredict programmed and ready to go.  Will try for a
>> fully-automated pass.  Fingers crossed.
>> Greg  KO6TH
>> Greg D wrote:
>>> The PL tone use was per Jari OH2FQV.  Interesting that you heard me more
>>> than once; I only heard my downlink the one time (announced call, and
>>> then grid square after a slight surprise-induced pause).
>>> What are the base (non-doppler adjusted) frequencies?
>>> Greg  KO6TH
>>> KO6TZ Bob wrote:
>>>> Greg,
>>>> I heard you more than once.  I didn't think to use a PL tone.
>>>> Bob
>>>> KO6TZ
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I just had a nice 60 degree pass over CM98, and using the tracking info
>>>> from http://amsat.org.ar/pass.htm# I was able to throw my call sign
>>>> through the satellite, but only once.  There is about a half-second
>>>> delay on the Receive side, but it's not at all a problem.
>>>> The success was just a bit after TCA.  I did have the 67 hz tone enabled
>>>> throughout the pass, manual tuning of Tx and Rx, per the info from the
>>>> website (thanks Pedro!).  Very clear audio on the downlink, nice and
>>>> strong.  But I couldn't do it again.  Just the one transmit / receive
>>>> event.  No other traffic heard, though there might have been some weak
>>>> stuff earlier in the pass while I was tuning around.
>>>> Next pass is very low to the north west, but may give it a try.
>>>> Greg  KO6TH
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