[amsat-bb] Satellite logging software

Stephen E. Belter seb at wintek.com
Sun Dec 25 00:34:43 UTC 2016


Recommended satellite tracking programs for —
Windows:  SatPC32
MacOS:  MacDoppler
Linux:  Gpredict

Recommended logging programs for satellite contacts —
Windows:  N3FJP’s ACLog, and DXLab

Recommended program for creating grid maps of worked/confirmed grids —
Windows:  GcmWin   

Download link and recommended setup for GcmWin can be found at

Welcome to the satellites!

73, Steve N9IP
Steve Belter, seb at wintek.com

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>Hi, all
>Getting into sats and I've been poking around for software (windows).
>Seems like most are using SATPC32, is that the go-to tracking program?
>Any others that I should also consider?
>How about logging software, any favorites for sats? I've been using
>DXLab, (great for DX, not so much for sats.) Used to use LOGic, may try
>to configure it for satellite logging. In any event, want to use whatever
>I end up with just for sats and dump their logs into DXLab (hold complete
>station logs).
>Also, how about grid square chasing? I see paper (printed) grid maps for
>US, abut anything for windows?  Found "WorkedGrids_v7, but seems to be
>for terrestrial, not sats. Would like something that could show current
>worked/confirmed grids other than on paper. Again. any ideas?
>Thanks -- Lee
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