[amsat-bb] Satellite software

Kim Hansen plate_amps at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 24 22:52:44 UTC 2016

Hi, all
Getting into sats and I've been poking around for software (windows). Seems like most are using SATPC32, is that the go-to tracking program? Any others that I should also consider?
How about logging software, any favorites for sats? I've been using DXLab, (great for DX, not so much for sats.) Used to use LOGic, may try to configure it for satellite logging. In any event, want to use whatever I end up with just for sats and dump their logs into DXLab (hold complete station logs).
Also, how about grid square chasing? I see paper (printed) grid maps for US, abut anything for windows?  Found "WorkedGrids_v7, but seems to be for terrestrial, not sats. Would like something that could show current worked/confirmed grids other than on paper. Again. any ideas?
Thanks -- Lee

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