[amsat-bb] bad G-5500 rotor

Jeff Griffin kb2m at arrl.net
Sat Dec 24 18:04:59 UTC 2016

Thanks for all the info. I think I narrowed it down to a bad cable(or
connector at the rotor) between the control box and the rotor. From the info
gathered the rotor itself appears to not be the problem. I will get out
there tomorrow and do a quick cable check, and will know for sure.

73 Jeff kb2m 

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I failed to paste in the readings on the last post.

G-5500 rotor

E-5 UP   #16 BLACK
E-6 COM  #18 BLUE

E4 to e5 = 7.2 ohm
E4 to E6 = 3.9 ohm
E5 to E6 = 4.8 ohm

A4 to A5 = 9.7 ohm
A4 TO A6 = 5.5 ohm
A5 to A6 = 5.5ohm

A-6 COM   #18 BLUE


I'm back up here in the frozen north for the holidays and today  had some
time to work on my G-5500's azimuth problem. I took my  5500 control box up
here with me from my station in Florida to help test. Now I've got it down
to the Azimuth rotor itself. I used to have a repair guide for this rotor,
but I haven't worked on one in many years and 2 moves ago and can't find it
anywhere including online. Does anyone have a copy they could email me? I
have the cable disconnected from the rotor control box. I'm interested in
taking some meter readings to try to determine what parts if any to order
from Yaesu. Thanks in advance.

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas, happy holiday, and a HNY.

73 Jeff kb2m
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