[amsat-bb] Winter Wonderland Grid Expedition Schedule

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Fri Dec 23 04:15:16 UTC 2016

The Winter Wonderland Grid Expedition (FN16, FN17, FN26 & FN27) will run 
from December 26th to December 29th.  A few notes:

The majority of the passes are higher than 20 degrees at my location.  
Generally, I have found that lower passes get lost in the trees and 
rocks and have not yielded good results. However, if you need one of 
these grids and the passes I have posted don’t work for you then let me 
know and we will try to work something out.

I will do some nighttime passes from FN15 on the evening of the 26th and 
the evening of the 29th.  I have a lot of driving to do on those days 
and will be tired.  Therefore, if activity drops off after the first few 
passes then I will call it an early night and let everyone know via Twitter.

You can find me on the following frequencies on the linear satellites, 
plus or minus QRM:

FO-29, TX on 145.920
AO-07, RX on 145.960
XW-2A, RX on 145.680
XW-2B, RX on 145.745
XW-2C, RX on 145.810
XW-2D, RX on 145.875
XW-2F, RX on 145.995
AO-73, RX on 145.965
UKube-1, RX on 145.945
EO-79, RX on 145.955

Transmit/receive accordingly to meet me on these frequencies.

Finally, once you work me, please stand aside on subsequent passes so 
that others can work a new grid.  These passes are only a few minutes 
long and it's not fair to others if I have to spend precious time on 
QSOs with people I already worked.  I don't mind if you want an 
insurance QSO, and if you want to work me on every satellite pass from a 
given grid that's fine too...but be mindful that you may be making it 
difficult for someone to work me for the first time.  Please be 
considerate and wait until things die down before calling for that 
additional contact.

December 26th evening in FN15
  26.12.2016  XW-2C  22:01
  26.12.2016  XW-2F  22:29
  26.12.2016  XW-2D  23:27
  27.12.2016  XW-2A  00:03
  27.12.2016  AO-73  00:53
  27.12.2016  AO-85  01:41

December 27th in FN16/FN17
  27.12.2016  AO-73  14:14
  27.12.2016  FO-29  14:50
  27.12.2016  EO-79  15:32
  27.12.2016  FO-29  16:36
  27.12.2016  EO-79  17:10
  27.12.2016  AO-07  17:38
  27.12.2016  SO-50  18:44
  27.12.2016  AO-07  19:28
  27.12.2016  SO-50  20:23
  27.12.2016  AO-07  21:24
  27.12.2016  XW-2D  21:41
  27.12.2016  XW-2B  21:44
  27.12.2016  XW-2C  21:49
  27.12.2016  SO-50  22:06
  27.12.2016  XW-2F  22:17

December 28th in FN26/FN27
  28.12.2016  AO-73  14:33
  28.12.2016  FO-29  15:40
  28.12.2016  EO-79  15:44
  28.12.2016  AO-07  16:41
  28.12.2016  EO-79  17:23
  28.12.2016  AO-07  18:29
  28.12.2016  SO-50  19:08
  28.12.2016  AO-07  20:22
  28.12.2016  SO-50  20:50

December 28th Evening in FN15
  29.12.2016  AO-85  00:51
  29.12.2016  AO-73  01:30
  29.12.2016  SO-50  01:57
  29.12.2016  AO-85  02:32
  29.12.2016  SO-50  03:37

As always, follow @ve3hls on Twitter for updates, reports and general 
silliness.  Happy Holidays and hope to work you next week!


Ken Alexander

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