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Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Mon Dec 19 23:01:43 UTC 2016

As you place orders for the holiday season, if you use Amazon.com, 
please remember that you can place your order at smile.amazon.com and a 
percentage of your order will be donated to AMSAT.

I just placed another order on Amazon and used smile.amazon.com as I 
usually do. I had not noticed before, on the main smile.amazon.com 
webpage, under the search window is a "Supporting Radio Amateur 
Satellite Corporation" showing who my donations go to. Hover your mouse 
over the wording and a pop up will show you how much your orders have 
generated for AMSAT. If you click in the pop up window on "Your 
AmazonSmile impact", it will show you how much everyone's orders have 
contributed to AMSAT.

My orders alone have given AMSAT $33.09 and all of the other people that 
have used smile.amazon.com have given $1,325.93

That is not bad for not doing anything except ordering what you normally 
would.This could really be used as a no load fund raiser. It costs AMSAT 
nothing to receive a donation and it costs the person ordering from 
Amazon nothing to choose AMSAT as their supporting charity. It is a 
win/win for everyone.

remember.... smile.amazon.com to place your amazon orders. You can place 
everything in your cart at amazon.com, just remember to go to 
smile.amazon.com when you are ready to check out.



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