[amsat-bb] Mir SSTV 18th Anniversary

Farrell Winder fwinder at fuse.net
Mon Dec 12 12:18:29 UTC 2016

Today, December 12, 2016, marks the 18th anniversary of the activation of the MIR SSTV Amateur Radio developed System which was transported and put aboard  the MIR Space Station.  The MIR SSTV System  sent pictures over a period of about 2 years and 4 months to the delight of Amateur Radio Operators and others worldwide. (Mir was deorbited in March, 2001) For those interested in this historical event and background, the publication Amateur Television Quarterly (ATVQ), Spring 2015 issue has an article, “How Did the  MIR SSTV System come into Existence”?   Back issue copies of ATVQ containing  this article are available via WA6SVT at aol.com.  See also web address: www.ATVQuarterly.com.

A  small sampling of perhaps thousands of received pictures may be found in web sites:



Background information and initial efforts on developing the MIR System and early efforts to provide SSTV for the ISS may be reviewed  at:


The ISS is now transmitting a similar series of SSTV Transmissions to that of MIR:


Farrell Winder, W8ZCF
fwinder at fuse.net

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