[amsat-bb] The Russian Woodpecker

Thu Dec 8 05:14:27 UTC 2016

I would  rather listen to the Woodpecker  like I did  when I got My lic over 35 Yrs ago than some of the Wood heads I now hear on HF Lol 

73 De Don KA9QJG 

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Sadly, when you tune across the SW Bands these daysyou don't hear very much.  It seems that the Internet hasreplaced many of those wonderful high-power stationsthat used to fill those airwaves..   -BL

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On 12/7/16, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Those who remember the Russian Woodpecker that could decimate the 
> Amateur Radio Bands back in the 1980’s might be interested to know 
> there is a new Film on NETFIX called “The Russian Woodpecker”!


Ah, the good old Woodpecker.....  I was just an SWL when it was in its prime during the 1980s.  Many a time I cursed it because it interfered with reception of a certain program or denied me a possible DX catch.

It became as much a legend on the bands as those infamous numbers stations.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @DO33FL

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