[amsat-bb] The Russian Woodpecker

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 7 23:21:30 UTC 2016

Those who remember the Russian Woodpecker that could decimate the Amateur
Radio Bands back in the 1980’s might be interested to know there is a new
Film on NETFIX called “The Russian Woodpecker”!

I thought it was some kind of spy thriller, but I got it on DVD and it
turned out to be a documentary with English subtitiles.  Wife got bored,
but I wateched every word.  I had never seen the pictures of it, but here
is a guy climbing all over the abandoned antenna and making a documentary.
I never knew that the Woodpecker HUGE HF beam array was right on the same
property as the Chernobly Nuke plant!

I didn’t see this coming.  But the theory of the documentary is that the
Chernoybl nuke plant disaster was traceable to “the failure” of the
Woodpecker system to work as promised and so the nuke disaster was an
attempt by a Moscow Bureaucrat to cause a “situation” at the nuke plant on
that fateful day to cause enough of a problem to cause the big INSPECTION
of the Woodpecker next door secheduled that same week, to be canceled… to
hide their bureaucratic failure to work as promised.

It was made by a Ukranian in brash defiance of the Russians, so there is an
agenda here…

Very interesting…. As conspiracy theories go…  but also scary when you see
the same kind of lies and deception in politicians today that was going on
then too.

Bob, Wb4APR

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