[amsat-bb] A Little Help Please

Gerald Payton gp_ab5r at outlook.com
Wed Dec 7 21:07:58 UTC 2016

I am trying to install equipment for packet communication through ISS.  I thought that UISS software worked with EITHER a software modem OR a TNC, but reading (at least starting to read) the 75 page manual, apparently it does not.

Since it does not, please suggest another terminal program or APRS/Packet specific program.

My approach for the hardware is an old MFJ-1270C TNC.  I'm trying to learn its ins and outs from its 287 page outdated manual.  GROINK  Additionally, I have a cable ordered with modular end for my radio (IC-2730).

Any advise or Elmer-ing will be highly appreciated.  It has been over ten years since I had any experience with packet or APRS.

My personal email is either AB5R at AMSAT, ARRL or gp_ab5r at outlook.com


Jerry AB5R

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