[amsat-bb] AMSAT and Volunteerism

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 5 16:58:56 UTC 2016

Friend speaks my mind.

And Criticism -never- achieves anything in Amateur Radio or other Volunteer
organizations.  It accomplishes -nothing- but rile up everyone in

Please learn, the way to change things is to get involved and DO SOMETHING,
LEAD in another direction. Make progress.  Contribute.  And "contribute"
does not mean kibitzing and complaining and standing in the way.  That
accomplishes nothing in volunteer organizations and is not what is meant by
"get involved"...

Watching every ham radio club, and church or other volunteer organization
over my 55 years of Ham radio, it is abundantly clear.  Things only happen
by volunteer individuals taking personal initiative and trying to move or
lead towards progress.  (usually despite a chorus of complainers and ankle

If one is not leading, or if no one is following you, please, get out of the
way and support those who are going in a direction you can be comfortable
with. Shooting everyone in front of you in-the-back does not help progress.

My 2 cents.  Bob, WB4APR

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I personally believe that False News is damaging.  It cannot be allowed to
go unanswered.  In many eyes,  silence is an admission of guilt.   When
someone, says something about AMSAT that is false, I feel the officers of
AMSAT have a duty to respond publicly.  As a mid-point between silence and
taking the individual to task,  I would make it a public statement and never
mention the individual.

On the symposium, AMSAT did not pay for it.  AMSAT paid for the board of
directors to go to Galveston and hold a board meeting in a hotel.  It would
have done that no matter where we assembled.  No board activities were held
on the ship.  The symposium was attended by board, officers, members,
interested persons, and guests.  Each of us paid for the cruise out of our
pockets.  I certaintly did not ask AMSAT to pay for my drinks or my side
trip to Chichen Nitza.  😇

The heated rhetoric and banter are not helpful and we should avoid them.  I
learned that the hard way getting to be 63 years old.


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