[amsat-bb] Updating Keplerian Elements on SATSKED

Ray Hoad ray.hoad at mypbmail.com
Sun Dec 4 20:49:00 UTC 2016

Below is a request by Quirino, 6jzh.  Quirino is an older person using an
older program (probably DOS) called SATSKED, but he is having trouble
updating the Keplerian elements.

If you are familiar with this program could you help Quirino? I am not
familiar with this program and I can't find anyone who has used SATSKED.  I
see a reference on www.amsat.org in the satellite software area under MS-DOS
programs, Pacsat Programs, but I can't download any data from the link.

Quirino's email address is 6jzh at libero.it  He can read amsat-bb but is not
able to send messages???

Please read the following messages that he has sent me on this subject and
email him directly if you can help.

From: Quirino [mailto:6jzh at libero.it] 
Sent: Friday, December 2, 2016 10:03
To: 'Ray Hoad' <wa5qgd at amsat.org>
Subject: satsked and Keps

I'll appreciate very much the answare to a trouble of mine :
How can I update keps on SATSKED ?
Note that renaming the file .ele o .N to .txt, the same file it's accepted
Trakbox, istantrak, gpredict and others. Occasionaly tricking on
Keyboard I had rarely update the keps, bu now I am n standby mode at keps
Please a trick
Satsked is my story on sats my remembering
TNX so much Mr Ray
Quirino i6jzh
e-mail 6jzh at libero.it  (without the first "i")

From: Quirino [mailto:6jzh at libero.it] 
Sent: Friday, December 4, 2016 08:45
To: 'Ray Hoad' <wa5qgd at amsat.org>
Subject: satsked and Keps

Tnx for the callback
I'm OLD.man and don't have a great familiarity with digital, so You
understand why I use and tubes, DOS, istantrack and satsked..
I use amsat-bb for obtain keps and amsat bulletin, but I don't know how can
I use directly by me for a question of mine. I find SATSKED a great program
to use with Kansas city Tracker and Trakbox. In the past (KO 23) I used also
With satisfaction for the easiness and even with satsked... Tell me how I
can ask to the amsat's friends OM.
TNX again Mr RAY for the kind answerback to my annoying question

Ray Hoad
Orbital Elements Manager

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