[amsat-bb] OT We have a Problem Houston

Thu Dec 1 04:08:16 UTC 2016


 It  would Be great if An Amateur Radio Operator  could actually come up
with the fix for this ,     Sometimes we think about all the high tech Sats
and Other things and forget about the basics 

73   And Happy Holidays 



Solve NASA's Space Poop Problem, Win $30,000






Butt, Really.

 <http://nasa.gov/> NASA is doing everything it can to keep its hands
clean-of poop. NASA has launched  <https://herox.com/SpacePoop> "The Space
Poop" challenge for participants to invent a hands-free system that routes
and collects waste away from the astronaut's body for up to six days.

How do you deal with human waste when you're trapped in a space suit for up
to a week? That's what they're asking you. Inventors have until December 20,
2016, to submit their best "space poop" ideas for the chance to win $30,000.

During spaceflight astronauts can be in their suits for more than 10 hours
at a time. And, with NASA's plans to send humans deeper into space, future
missions will require the advancement of new technology to keep the
astronauts alive and well. And, shall we say, clean.

Currently crews wear an absorbent diaper, but these will not be suitable for
flights longer than a day. While it goes without saying that nobody would
want to wear a diaper for a week, the issue is more than a matter of
cleanliness, it's a matter of life or death.

It is vital that the waste needs to be treated otherwise it could harm or
even kill the astronaut, especially if infection sets in.

NASA said it aims to test the winning ideas in the next year and roll out
successful systems in the next three.






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