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Dani EA4GPZ daniel at destevez.net
Tue Aug 30 20:32:38 UTC 2016

El 30/08/16 a las 22:05, Gerald Payton escribió:

> I believe that the FoxTerm software may decode received audio from
> the passes, but what about other satellites.  Is a TNC needed,
> especially with the 9600 baud?

Hi Gerald,

These days you can do decode everything on the computer. No TNC is needed.

Rough list of what's being transmitted out there and what programs you
can use:

* 1k2 AX.25 AFSK and 9k6 AX.25 FSK. This is like your regular packet
radio. You can use UZ7HO soundmodem, direwolf, or many other software
TNC programs.

* Faster AX.25 FSK. 19k2 is common. Some of the 9k6 AX.25 software also
supports this faster speeds.

* 1k2 AX.25 BPSK. This is transmitted by the QB50p satellites and
perhaps some others. You can use UZ7HO and warbler.

* 9k6 AX.25 BPSK. Transmitted by 3CAT-2. There is an alpha version of
UZ7HO and a GNUradio decoder in gr-satellites.

Non-AX.25 satellites:

* FUNcube and FUNcube-2, which transmit 1k2 BPSK with FEC. You have the
FUNcube dashboard software.

* LilacSat-2. Transmits: 9k6 BPSK with FEC, 4k8 GMSK with FEC and
subaudio telemetry with FEC. There is a GNUradio decoder from Harbin
Institute and a modified decoder by me:

* GOMX-3. Transmits 19k2 FSK with FEC. There is a GNUradio decoder in

* AAUSAT-4. Transmits 9k6 or 2k4 FSK with FEC. There is a GNUradio
decoder in gr-satellites.

* Some others I'm not so familiar with. We're trying to add support for
more satellites in gr-satellites. Specially for those which are not
supported by other software. I'm open for suggestions on which
satellites you want to see decoded (for GOMX-1 and ÑuSat we've tried but
we lack the details about the telemetry format).

Then, Mike DK3WN has a very complete set of programs to analyse the
Also, take a look at his blog to see what one can achieve:

About submitting telemetry online: AO-85 (and future foxes) telemetry
goes to the amsat.org web. FUNcube telemetry goes to the FUNcube data
warehouse. The rest of the satellites go to PE0SAT telemetry server:

Also helpful, lists of frequencies, modes and satellites:


Dani EA4GPZ.

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