[amsat-bb] CY9C Dupes

Clayton W5PFG w5pfg at amsat.org
Thu Aug 25 17:20:09 UTC 2016

It's a touchy subject. Sometimes there are legit reasons such as when 
the DX didn't log the call correctly. For example, N4UFO had tried in 
the middle of the night but they reported his call as as U4, not N4. 
Ultimately it is the DX that sets the rules for their op.

The main reason, in my opinion, to avoid "insurance calls" (dupes) is so 
that you don't jeopardize someone's chance to make contact with a narrow 
window.  I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to work UT1FG/MM 
in the middle of the night with a 2 minute window, only to have other 
stations jabbering with him because they assume nobody else is in the 

It is hard to put ourselves in others' shoes. A little grace doesn't 
hurt. Some time we might need it ourselves. I know that I do!


On 8/25/2016 11:54, Joe wrote:
> the expedition should keep track of dupes, in situations like this, and
> if discoverd all qso's from the offending station should be deleted from
> the logs.
> Just my opinion.
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