[amsat-bb] ISS vs NO-84 digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 24 23:46:20 UTC 2016

> I just had the ISS and NO84 both in my footprint for 4 minutes
~2228-2232 UTC.
> A. could I Digipeat both of them at the same time?
> B. Would they Digipeat each other?
> C. Could I digi through them both
> D. How Would be able to tell ?

A. yes
B. I think all NO84 sourced beacons attempt to go via ISS always
C. Yes if you use the path AIRSS,ARISS  (*)
D. Look at the path of the digipeated packets.  All D72 and D710 radios
now have a display page for the path

(*) Don't bother going from PSAT to ISS since PSAT is only 300 mW.
Instead, use the specific path VIA RS0ISS,ARISS and it will hit ISS first
and with its 5W then there is a chance that NO-84 will hear it and
digipeat it.

I have not done it in years, so I assume that ISS repsondes to both ARISS
or RS0ISS.  And PSAT responds to PSAT and ARISS...

To see the dowlnik see: http://www1.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi

But it is confusing.  This packet was only digipeted by PSAT having used
The alias of ARISS on the uplink.  PSAT then marked the ARISS as used up
and inserted
Its callsign in the path to show that it did it.

If it had been a dual hop using the path of ARISS,ARISS, it would be:

Since the ISS would use the second ARISS and then substitute its call in
place of the ARISS that it used.

Or if the user had used the used the path of ARISS,ARISS and it went to
ISS first and PSAT second, it would come down as :

Unless I have had too much ocoffee and am not thinking clearly...

Bob, WB4aPR

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