[amsat-bb] Grid Expedition to EO91 (Moosonee, ON)

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Mon Aug 22 22:37:04 UTC 2016

Hi Greg,

I'm looking forward to the trip!  It's been a longtime dream to at least 
see Hudson or James Bay, so I'm hoping I can get a boat ride down to 
salt water while I'm there.

I remember being hardy and adventuresome back in the 70's.  This will 
have to do for now!

Hope to work you!



On 2016-08-22 2:57 PM, Greg wrote:
> Ken,
> Did that trip many years ago when I was a much younger man. No doubt it’s a rather sparsely populated grid as well as adventuresome. Did an over night flag stop to go canoeing.  It was the late 1970’s when I was hardier and braver!  Not one to argue with bear and moose these days!
> Hope to hear you during your trip.
> Greg
> On Aug 22, 2016, at 2:10 PM, Ken Alexander <k.alexander at rogers.com> wrote:
> I'm happy to announce a grid expedition to Moosonee, ON, which is in EO91.  I will be arriving early afternoon on Friday September 23rd and leaving late afternoon Monday September 26th.  That gives me four days to put EO91 on the air via satellite.
> Moosonee is a Cree village located on the Moose River, which empties into James Bay, about 15 km downstream.  It's someplace I have always wanted to visit and when I'm not on the air I will be wandering through the town, photographing things of interest.
> By land, Moosonee is only accessible by train; The Polar Bear Express that runs from Cochrane, ON.  It's also accessible by air at much greater expense.  I will be driving to Cochrane and taking a few days to get there, which will enable me to activate other grids along the way, such as FN06, FN07, FN08, EN98 and EN99.
> Why not EO90?  There's nothing there!  There appear to be two roads into EO90 from the south, but I'm not taking my Volkswagen on them.  Cochrane is at the bottom edge of EN99, so it would be a very long day's drive on unknown roads to even set foot in EO90 and return to Cochrane.  Plus, as far as I can tell, there are no gas stations, food stops, accommodations or cellphone service along the way.  If you break down you are well and truly screwed until someone finds you.  Maybe some other time.
> The Polar Bear Express has "flag stops" in EO90, where by prearrangement they will drop you off at the side of the track at one of several predetermined locations.  Some of them are at power dams on the Abitibi River, where they are not set up to accommodate unexpected guests.  Other flag stops are in the middle of nowhere, and have probably been set up decades ago to pick up and drop off prospectors and trappers.
> The only part of the trip that is carved in stone at the moment are the days in Moosonee (EO91) itself.  I'll start working out an on-air schedule based on what SatPC32 can tell me.  Times will change slightly as we get closer to the date.  Things are more fluid regarding the days before the train trip to Moosonee, but I have allowed about 3 or 4 days to get to Cochrane, which ought to be sufficient to operate a little from most of the grids I mentioned.
> Updates will appear on Twitter.  More verbose notifications will appear here.
> Regards,
> Ken
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