[amsat-bb] CY9C Update

Paul Stoetzer n8hm at arrl.net
Mon Aug 22 18:18:18 UTC 2016

Correction: CY9 is St. Paul Island, not Sable Island (which is CY0).


Paul, N8HM

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 1:19 PM, K4FEG <k4feg at k4feg.com> wrote:

> Hello All:
> Fresh from *Pat, N2IEN*, a status report on the *CY9C* operations from
> *Sable Island*.
> I am sure most of you know that they have had high winds & sustained
> antenna systems damage, here is Pat's update this morning:
> /To: W2JV//
> //Subject: CY9C //
> ////
> //Pete--an update on LEO. We've had some setbacks.
> First, there were logistical issues getting people to this uninhabited
> Island and dealing with setting up under difficult conditions. Then last
> night a storm hit. Took out our EME array and knocked down the partially
> assembled sat yagis. Our G5500 suffered some damage.
> Not sure of its status; we're about to get some high winds again so we put
> it away.
> Soon as wx clears we'll test it. If it's toast, we might be able to use
> the G5500 from the EME setup.
> Worse comes to worse, I'll use the Arrow. Please pass this info on to
> AMSAT members. //
> //Thanks! //
> //73
> Pat N2IEN /
> This may or may not result in limited satellite operations.
> /*Stay Tuned folks,*//*
> *//*73*//*
> *//*K4FEG*/
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