[amsat-bb] CY9C Update

K4FEG k4feg at k4feg.com
Mon Aug 22 17:19:08 UTC 2016

Hello All:

Fresh from *Pat, N2IEN*, a status report on the *CY9C* operations from 
*Sable Island*.

I am sure most of you know that they have had high winds & sustained 
antenna systems damage, here is Pat's update this morning:

/To: W2JV//
//Subject: CY9C //
//Pete--an update on LEO. We've had some setbacks.
First, there were logistical issues getting people to this uninhabited 
Island and dealing with setting up under difficult conditions. Then last 
night a storm hit. Took out our EME array and knocked down the partially 
assembled sat yagis. Our G5500 suffered some damage.
Not sure of its status; we're about to get some high winds again so we 
put it away.
Soon as wx clears we'll test it. If it's toast, we might be able to use 
the G5500 from the EME setup.
Worse comes to worse, I'll use the Arrow. Please pass this info on to 
AMSAT members. //
//Thanks! //
Pat N2IEN /

This may or may not result in limited satellite operations.

/*Stay Tuned folks,*//*

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