[amsat-bb] FCC Part 97 Regulations on transmission of music

Tony Stone w4tas at gte.net
Sun Aug 21 19:17:54 UTC 2016

I have edited out all non music related parts. 

Part 97 : Sec. 97.113 Prohibited transmissions
(a) No amateur station shall transmit:

(4) Music using a phone emission except as specifically provided 
elsewhere in this section; communications intended to facilitate 
a criminal act; messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their
 meaning, except as otherwise provided herein; obscene or indecent 
words or language; or false or deceptive messages, signals or 

(c) No station shall retransmit programs or signals emanating from 
any type of radio station other than an amateur station, except 
propagation and weather forecast information intended for use by 
the general public and originated from United States Government 
stations, and communications, including incidental music, 
originating on United States Government frequencies between a 
manned spacecraft and its associated Earth stations. Prior approval 
for manned spacecraft communications retransmissions must be obtained 
from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Such 
retransmissions must be for the exclusive use of amateur radio 
operators. Propagation, weather forecasts, and manned spacecraft 
communications retransmissions may not be conducted on a regular 
basis, but only occasionally, as an incident of normal amateur 
radio communications.

[58 FR 43072, Aug. 13, 1993; 58 FR 47219, Sept. 8, 1993, as amended 
at 71 FR 25982, May 3, 2006; 71 FR 66462, Nov. 15, 2006; 75 FR 46857, 
Aug. 4, 2010]

Tony Stone
w4tas at gte.net

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