[amsat-bb] VSPE 64-bit splitter

Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at verizon.net
Sun Aug 14 22:34:46 UTC 2016

I paid for one of the versions I tried at NI6BB. The 32-bit was free, 
but because they had to pay Micro$oft a fee to get it "approved" for 
installations with 64-bit systems, they had to charge to use it.

I don't remember who I bought it from, or what I paid, but it was money 
down the drain, as it didn't work, either.

After I installed the LP-PAN, I decided to give the LPB2 software a 
shot, as it was annoying to NOT see the correct frequency being 
displayed in FLDIGI. Once that was working, I then created another 
virtual port to use with AClog, and I was pleasantly surprised that all 
the applications played nice with each other and the radio.

We're using a USB-to-serial converter to connect to the radio. It has a 
NON Prolific chipset in it, as I'm really tired of fighting with the 
counterfeit Prolific stuff that's flooding the market. As soon as 
Windows Update would "update" the Prolific drivers, the cables would 
stop working if they didn't have a genuine Prolific chipset in them, 
forcing me to roll back the drivers.

This is a major problem with all the cables people buy to program their 
Baofeng HT's, and ALL of the Hams on the Iowa have a Baofeng that I 
program for them using MY cable and Chirp.

Haven't tried any APRS through the ISS. The last time I did it I used my 
Kenwood TH-D72, and just bounced packets through it using the antenna on 
the HT.

73, Jim

On 08/14/2016 10:11 PM, Mark Johns via AMSAT-BB wrote:
> Thanks, Jim. I will definitely look into this! PBP2 says it uses Eltima drivers, and that's a good sign because of today's experiment.
> FWIW, I tried today with the Eltima Serial Port Splitter, (http://www.eltima.com/products/serialsplitter/) and after a little messing around, I got the whole thing to work pretty well. There are two problems, however:
> 1) Eltima does splits, but doesn't do pairs. So to do APRS through the ISS, I needed to use VSPE to create a pair, and Eltima to do the split, running both programs at the same time.
> 2) Eltima wants $99.95 USD for their software, so I'll likely not be able to continue this setup after the 14-day free trial expires. Also, you can't save configurations in the free trial, so the whole thing needs to be set up from scratch each time. I think if you pay the fee that problem goes away.--
> Mark D. Johns, KØMDJ
> Decorah, Iowa USA  EN43
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> I fought with issues like this on the station PC down at NI6BB.
> I *never* got things to share the com port until I used LBP2, which is a
> similar bridge program.
> Id just about given up, and thought I'd give it one last try after I
> installed the LP=PAN panadaptor for our ancient Kenwood TS-850.
> Fo;;owing the instructions, I had port sharing between the panadptor (it
> uses PowerSDR), FLDIGI, and ACLog.
> Give it a try, it's free.
> http://www.telepostinc.com/LPB2.html
> 73, Jim  KQ6EA
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