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Jimmy, you would be extremely popular working meteor scatter -- reflecting
your signal off the ionized trail of a burning meteor.  Also, the target is
much easier to hit than a satellite as a passive reflector.  Check out

On Aug 13, 2016 6:18 AM, "K4FEG" <k4feg at k4feg.com> wrote:

> Hello All:
> below you will see the body of an email from *Jimmy, VE2BMC/KK6FAH*,
> about his recent operations on SO-50 from his location in Canada. Jimmy is
> an EME operator who through some encouragement fro W2HRO, decided to try
> some satellite passes while back in Canada, with Jimmy's permission here is
> the email:
> *"Hi Frank,*
> *I hope all I well! Actually, thanks to YOU for all your help and for
> passing on the message to the community. Ironically, since I am new with
> Satellite communications and have not been following the
> corresponding mailing lists, etc., I really had no clue that so many people
> would have an interest in trying to contact me in these grids. I
> had brought my HT and Arrow antenna with me with the hope of making "one"
> contact with my EME friend W2HRO and perhaps a few other QSO's if lucky as
> time permits. What unfolded was completely unexpected and on top of that, I
> got infected by the virus! Now I have 2 viruses to manage (EME and Sat).
> That won't make my wife happy... Hi Hi*
> *Since all my relatives are all living in VE2 territory and they are
> located at the edged where the grids meet (FN38, FN48 and FN37), at my next
> trip I will be able to activate FN37 easily (only 25 minutes south from my
> father near "Lac Bouchette"), spend more time in FN48 where my mother
> lives, and even more time in FN38 where my brother lives. Should be much
> fun. *
> *On a related note, as I am specialized in EME communications and after my
> recent experience in VE2 territory with Satellite, the thought came to
> me that since it is possible to do 2-way communications by bouncing RF off
> the surface of the Moon, it should be possible and much easier to use
> satellites as "passive reflector" (just like the moon) in order to make
> QSO's. The obvious advantage is that this would not require for the
> satellite to have any repeater or transponder on them, but their simple
> presence in the sky is sufficient. *
> *This communication scheme would open a tremendous amount of possibilities
> for Amateur QSO's. Have you ever heard of any people attempting this? I
> have recently read a few articles on the matter on the net indicating that
> it was possible and some had gotten clear signals using space stations (ISS
> and MIR) as reflectors, but there does not seem to be any organized group
> of people that have attempted this in an organized way to make QSO's.*
> *I am certainly interested in investigating this further and try. May be
> some in the mailing list would have inputs or experiences to share on the
> matter. Again, I have been able to make EME QSO's with very small stations
> relatively speaking (~8000 watts EIRP) so satellite reflection should be
> much easier and accessible to relatively small stations.*
> *Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon,*
> *73, Jimmy*
> *KK6FAH" *If anyone has thoughts about some of Jimmy's interesting ideas
> about "passive" satellite operations I think it would be a great discussion.
> I want to say a special thanks to Canada for all of the great "Canadien
> DX" operations & for the hospitality provided to the "American Invasion" of
> operators who have been active over the last two weeks.
> *VE2BMC, Jimmy*: FN38 & FN48 operations (rare grids)
> *N9IP/VE/VY/VO1&2*: GN38/GN19/GN18/GN07/GN08/GN09/
> GO10/GO11/GO21/FN96/FN86/FN75/FN76
> *(I have probably missed some of Gabe's grids as well, I gotta sleep
> sometime!) *And we now have *Ron, N8RO* out on his trip to Western
> Canada, Ron has already been on the satellites during this trip, A reminder
> that Ron is traveling from "point-to-point" he is not pulling a travel
> trailer, so he has less opportunity for deviations during this trip. LISTEN
> Lately it has been a good time to be on the satellites, DX, new operators,
> aeronautical grid hopping, camping "rovers" & much, much more!!
> And one more thing:  There is MUCH MORE to come this year!!
> I hope all are enjoying the satellites.
> *Good Luck All & Good SatDX!!*
> *73*
> *K4FEG*
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