[amsat-bb] Mode Designators

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 10:00:59 UTC 2016

Just a few quotes from Mr Laws... (from this thread only... if I cared, I could find plenty more)

"is only supported half-heartedly by AMSAT itself.""sadly, AMSAT doesn't have a standard""I'd harangue my Division Director""I've not paid enough attention to AMSAT in the past to know how to do that here and I've only been a member since Dayton.""I've offered in the past to help clean up crufty old stuff on the site before and I make the same offer again.  At the very least, the cruft needs to be marked as cruft with links to current documentation."

Let me clue you in a bit, sir... read what you've said and you might just get an idea as to why no one has taken you up on your offer. Hint: AMSAT is not a monolithic entity... it's a collection of hams with long standing experience and traditions that existed a very long time before this year's Dayton. Hams that likely don't always agree and even more likely do not take kindly to BEING 'harangued' and sniped at as you have been doing the last couple months. Perhaps it would be wise to sit back for once and get the lay of the land before you try to come in, take over and completely change something that you self admittedly have 'not paid attention' to.

Simply put... chill, dude... you are not winning friends and influencing people here the way you are going on. And maybe that's why no one has taken you up on your 'offer'.

 ------------------------------------------------------------------"Control is the need of the fearful mind. Trust is the need of the courageous heart."

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