[amsat-bb] Need help decoding EO-79 packets.

PE0SAT | Amateur Radio pe0sat at vgnet.nl
Sat Apr 23 15:53:19 UTC 2016

Hi Jeff,

I will give your IQ recording a try.

Regards Jan PE0SAT

On 23-04-2016 17:41, Jeff A. Boyd wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Apr 2016 18:56:15 +0200, PE0SAT | Amateur Radio
> <pe0sat at vgnet.nl> wrote:
>> You can try to replay the file at:
>> http://janvgils.home.xs4all.nl/download/QB50px/
>> to see if things are working.
> Hello,
> Here's a follow-up to my ongoing struggle to grab this bird. I 
> downloaded the
> above file and ran it in SDR# and confirmed that Soundmodem was seeing 
> it fine
> -- it decoded the 1200 baud BPSK and sent it to AGW Online Kiss. I saw 
> frames scrolling up the console like gangbusters. No problems there.
> So tonight I sat down and recorded a full QB50p1 (EO-79) pass with 
> this same
> configuration, 1200 baud BPSK. I saw the trace in the waterfall, and 
> saw the
> little "Ch. A" light come on when the trace went past the reticule.
> But no data. I could not pull a single packet out of it.
> I recorded the entire pass' I&Q and have put it up on my Dropbox in 
> case anyone
> would be kind enough to run it and tell me if the signal is simply too 
> weak to
> get any data out of.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/11s972ylbfhkt2g/QB50p1-PM85jl-20160423_1443UTC_1k2_BPSK_IQ.wav?dl=0
> For reference, the antenna used is a VHF/UHF discone.If the answer is 
> simply
> "signal too weak, you need more gain", then at least I'd be making 
> some
> progress in understanding it. Certainly *looked* strong enough.
> Tnx es 73

With regards PE0SAT
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