[amsat-bb] Yaesu rotor maintenance

Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at verizon.net
Tue Apr 19 20:57:09 UTC 2016

Maybe put down a layer of "cold galvanize" paint before the Rust-O-Leum?

73, Jim  KQ6EA

On 04/19/2016 07:44 PM, Richard Lawn wrote:
> While my IC-9100 is in the shop and as I await a new 2 meter antenna I
> decided to deal with what I had let go - rust on hardware and rust on the
> rotor elevation bracket. The good old Dremel helped to get 90% of the rust
> off the U shaped el rotor mounting bracket and el boom u bolts, but I'm
> wondering what to use to paint over these items to inhibit rust in the
> future? Any ideas other than rust oleum? I'll off course use stainless
> hardware to replace the cheap stuff Yaesu gives you as I did the last time
> I rebuilt the rotor. Also replacing both feed lines. I hope this will tide
> me for many many more years.
> 73
> Rick, W2JAZ

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