[amsat-bb] Satpc32 to Yaesu ft-736r

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 04:18:03 UTC 2016

Unfortunately, the 736R's CAT system takes over control of the radio. 
If you are saying that when CAT is active, you can't twiddle the knob or
push the buttons, that's actually expected.  When CAT is active, control
of the radio is in the hands of the computer software, and the rig is
giving it's undivided attention to what is coming in over the serial port..

If you are concerned that the computer software isn't able to control
it, that's different.  Seeing the CAT light turn on indicates that you
do have some communication between PC and the rig.  Now you need to
verify the serial baud rate (which should be 4800, 8 bits, no parity,
and 2 stop bits), and also that the software knows that it's talking to
that type of rig.  I don't use that particular software, so I can't
advise you on the specifics there.

If all this checks out, your RS-232 converter might be the problem, but
they're pretty simple.  Make sure that it's inverting the voltage - a
positive voltage on the serial port should be translated to a low TTL
level.  The circuit I use is a single NPN transistor, collector to the
rig, emitter to ground, couple of k ohm resistor between the base and
the computer serial port, with a diode between base and ground (cathode
to the base).

Hope this helps,

Greg  KO6TH

KD4ZGW wrote:
> Ok, I am about to pull my hair out. I have done every thing I know how to get Satpc32 to control my Yaesu FT-736r, but no luck. I have bought a usb cable for the yaesu ft-736, and still no luck. But, however, When I have the RTS+12v and the DTR+12v checked sometimes the “CAT Systems” light on the radio lights up; but the radio locks up, and can’t do nothing with it till I cut it off and back on.
> I Bought a rs232 ttl converter, and still no luck. I am now thinking that I didn’t wire the ttl converter right. 
> Does anyone have a Yaesu FT-736r that is running satpc32 with no problems?
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