[amsat-bb] Mounting Arrow Antennas

Koos van den Hout koos at kzdoos.xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 14 13:25:20 UTC 2016

Quoting Lance Homer who wrote on Wed 2016-04-13 at 23:56:

> I'm an amateur radio operator who is thinking about getting into
> communicating via satellites.  As I've been looking into the Elk vs the
> Arrow antennas and trying to decide which to buy....all of the videos and
> the pictures I see of the Arrow on a a tripod always have it mounted on the
> far end at the handle.  Many use a counterweight but some do not.  I was
> wondering if mounting in the middle of the beam where it is more balanced
> weight-wise is possible or if there is some reason people do not do this?

My arms are tired of holding the Arrow and trying to get over nearby
houses so I now have a rotor available and for mounting the arrow on it
I am looking at something like the setup pictured in


(from someone who also frequents this list)

The 2 meter gamma match (and the split in case of a split-boom Arrow
antenna) are indeed near the center of gravity.

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