[amsat-bb] Mounting Arrow Antennas

Lance Homer k7lqh at thehomerfamily.com
Thu Apr 14 05:56:40 UTC 2016

I'm an amateur radio operator who is thinking about getting into
communicating via satellites.  As I've been looking into the Elk vs the
Arrow antennas and trying to decide which to buy....all of the videos and
the pictures I see of the Arrow on a a tripod always have it mounted on the
far end at the handle.  Many use a counterweight but some do not.  I was
wondering if mounting in the middle of the beam where it is more balanced
weight-wise is possible or if there is some reason people do not do this?
(As I try to imagine the motion needed it still seems possible to me to
have the elements not hit the tripod legs if you can extend the head of the
tripod up a bit.)   If it can be done I assume it would need to be a
non-metal tri-pod??   I'm also thinking of mounting the antenna I choose
(Elk or Arrow) to a tall fiberglass mast.  If I can't mount the arrow in
the middle then  I would worry about the leverage that it would create
which is one reason the Elk seems appealing....but at the same time I
assume the Alaskan has the most gain which interests me for non-satellite

Lance / K7LQH

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