[amsat-bb] Dragon first stage recovery?

Ross Whenmouth ross at topwire.co.nz
Tue Apr 12 09:42:22 UTC 2016


> >From Spaceflight Now: "SpaceX technicians stationed on a boat near 
> the drone ship planned to weld steel shoes over the rocket?s four 
> carbon fiber and aluminum landing legs to keep the 156-foot-tall stage 
> from tipping over. The recovery crew will safe the rocket, drain it of 
> hazardous fluids and gases, and set course for Port Canaveral, the 
> drone ship?s home base.

I'd like to think that the recovery crew will drain the fluids and 
gases, and inert the rocket's propellant tanks *before* the welders 
start on those shoes - I for one would not want to be welding anywhere 
near a not-quite-empty and not yet inerted booster.

Ross Whenmouth

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