[amsat-bb] Link budgets for upcoming HEO/GEO sats

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
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That's good news as +16 dBm is 40mw and not 200mw as I previously 
wrote.  So one could use a standard transverter with the amp for 
terrestrial 5-GHz.  The satellite ground station will have integrated 
SDR transceiver for digital modes, being discussed by planning 
groups.  That will also be good news for the average satellite 
operator since it will eliminate having to scrounge up surplus mw 
gear and "roll your own".

1m ku-band offset feed dishes are the "norm" for home satellite here 
in AK so the antenna should not be hard to get.  Az-el may require 
some ingenuity; I'm thinking reuse of small telescope tracking drives 
which will have necessary finest of pointing.

73, Ed - KL7UW

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This has been tested already. A fellow ham has done it and shared
findings with me. The 600 mW drive is with a pad still inline on the
input. If you bypass it, drive drops to 10-12 dBm range.

The devices used are from Skyworks. SE5004L. There are two in push/pull.

We have been discussing this amp on the phase4ground list for use as a
test bed.

Ed, this would make a very nice amp for portable 5760 use.


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