[amsat-bb] Will this antenna work for the potential new GEO sat?

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Sun Apr 10 20:52:33 UTC 2016

There are similar ground stations on the European side of the pond.
The one in Ireland also houses the small 4 foot dish for the HAMTV ISS
ground station.

Normally the locations are specifically chosen as they are radio
quiet, meaning they are far from towns and sources of RF noise. They
normally have full backup generators and microwave link towers. Often
the main dishes no longer move, and if they do, they are really only
suitable for geostationary satellites, and often designed for low
frequencies, and as such, obsolete for modern uplinks.

Often they do have some obstructions, such as nearby small hills,
designed to block direct strong winds, as they are designed to operate
in all weathers and the dishes act as a sail.

Often these sites end up derelict, as they are so remote they are not
of desire to anyone.

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