[amsat-bb] [Video] Rainy SO-50

John Brier johnbrier at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 03:54:11 UTC 2016


This is from the 2016-03-27 2111Z SO-50 pass over North America.

Here are the all the stations heard on this pass, when they were first
heard. There were 19 in all:

00:02 KG5CCI
00:06 K4FEG
00:13 N8HM FM18
00:28 N4UFO
00:45 KM4RTS EM90
01:01 W4DTA EM55
01:40 KA4H FM17
01:58 KI4RO
02:09 WA5KBH EM30
02:22 KG4AKV FM05
03:38 W5PFG EM21
04:01 KC1EXK FN41
04:55 W4HH FM17
06:33 ??3GNF EN82 (partial callsign heard, full call heard at 08:20)
06:43 N0VVV FN33
06:47 ???QJQ FN30 (partial callsign heard, full call heard at 07:09)
06:57 W2JV
07:09 WA2QJQ (full callsign heard)
08:20 VE3GNF (full callsign first heard)
09:27 KA3RLZ FN42
09:42 K8II EM79

73, John KG4AKV


If I got any information wrong let me know and I can overlay
annotations on the video using YouTube.

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