[amsat-bb] Kenwood TM-733 for FM sats

Clayton W5PFG w5pfg at amsat.org
Mon Sep 21 17:56:08 UTC 2015

I can't speak for that particular radio, but I will share my experience 
with the Kenwood TM-V7A, TM-D700, and TM-D710.  I used them all on 
SO-50, AO-27, SO-67, AO-51.

I could not find any method to setup a memory channel linking both VFO's 
and allowing full-duplex.  However, I didn't ever find it necessary. 
Changing VFO's is as simple as pushing a knob on the radio or button on 
the mic pad.

For the V/U birds, I would simply tune for best reception on the 
downlink band VFO, then switch back to the uplink band VFO for PTT.

For the upcoming U/V birds, it should be a reverse of the above process.


On 9/21/2015 12:40, Skyler F wrote:
> I have a kenwood TM-733.
> This radio is nice because it is full duplex cross-band, but I am having
> issues trying to figure out how to use it with satellites.
> The problem is that I will have to switch between bands and change each
> frequency when adjusting for doppler, and I can't find a simple solution
> with channels because doing an odd split channel only seems to split
> between VHF - VHF or UHF - UHF not V-U.
> Even if that would work, it would not be full duplex.
> Is there any solution using this radio for FM sats???

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