[amsat-bb] 20 satellites launched on Beijing's CZ-6

M5AKA m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 20 23:32:51 UTC 2015

Jonathan McDowell @planet4589 tweeted:
 8 of the 20 Chinese CZ-6 payloads now cataloged in 515 x 540 km orbits
 10 are small subsatellites, some probably not yet ejected from their motherships. Will take a while.
 Tsinghua University (Beijing)'s Naxing-2 (20 kg) which itself ejects two Zijing-1,2 picosats about 0.2 kg each
 Zhejiang University's ZDPS-2A, 2B satellites, 12 kg, with some experiments in MEMS technology and structure deployment
 The National University of Defense Technology in Changsha (Guofang Keji Daxue) with 20 kg Luliang-1, 1 kg PhoneSat and four 0.1 kg Xingchen
 The 11 kg LilacSat-2 satellite from Harbin Inst of Technology in the far northeast Heilongjiang province
 Xinjishu Shiyan Weixing 2, the largest payload at 130 kg, is a technology development sat from Shenzhen Aerospace DFH HIT SatCo, in S China
 Shenzhen Aero.DFH HIT SatCo is affiliated with the southern graduate campus of Harbin Inst of Tech. Their XY2 will eject the 4kg DCBB subsat
 CAMSAT, the China amateur radio sat group, has 6 sats built with Aerospace DFH Sat Co (Beijing). XiWang 2A to 2D are 10-25 kg, 2E/2F 1.5 kg
73 Trevor M5AKA

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