[amsat-bb] ARR preamp problem

Richard Lawn rjlawn at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 18:56:34 UTC 2015

I bought the mast mount RF switching version of the ARR 70cm preamp this
summer with the idea of upgrading the stations both at home and the
vacation station. I had them install the choke so I could power it through
the coax.  It worked maybe once and very well at the vacation station and
then was deaf as a stump. Switching it inline made no difference one way or
the other. I sent it back and they put it on the bench for hours and then
returned it when they could find no problem. We came back recently to the
home QTH before I could try it again.  I just swapped it out for the old,
but working Mirage preamp. Guess what....it is deaf! I'm powering it
through the coax as always. What could I possibly be doing wrong or missing

Rick, W2JAZ

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