[amsat-bb] KG5CCI/P October 21st thru 26th

Dave Swanson dave at druidnetworks.com
Fri Oct 23 02:54:17 UTC 2015


I've reached Holly, CO and will be here for the next two days. I 
activated EM17/18 and EM07/08 earlier today, thanks for all the worked 
me on those passes.

Also tonight of interest I performed a demonstration on XW-2E and XW-2F 
for the landowners of Schwerdfeger farms near Coolidge, KS (in DM97). 
The Schwerdfeger family owns the land where the convergence of DM97, 
DM98, DM87 and DM88 all come together, the intersection of the 102nd 
Meridian and 38th Parallel. After the demonstration they granted me 
permission to operate from the convergence spot tomorrow afternoon, 
where I will activate all 4 grids in one swoop for all the grid hunters 
out there. All 4 of these grids are quite rarely heard on Satellites, 
and it will be an opportunity that will likely not present itself again 
anytime soon.

The 3 passes in particular I will work are as follows:

AO-7(B) 2054z 10/23/2015
FO-29 2109Z 10/23/2015
AO-85 2158Z 10/23/2015 - (Contingent upon the Amsat Engineering folks 
not needing it for testing)

I will likely be working random other passes from single grids the next 
few days as well, so if you can't make the 4-pack, there is still hope.

Until then, hear you on the birds.


-Dave, KG5CCI

On 10/21/2015 9:57 AM, Dave Swanson wrote:
> Pass schedules plans the next 24 hours:
> 10/21/2015 2100-2130Z - EM25/26 Line near Coweta, OK  for a AO7(B) 
> Central US footprint, and a FO29 Western US Footprint
> 10/21/2015 2300-2340Z - EM16 for AO7(B), XW2E, XW2F, LilacSat2 (If I 
> make good time thru Tulsa)
> 10/22/2015 0030-0100Z - EM16 for XW2E, XW2F, LilacSat2
> 10/22/2015 1345-1415Z - EM17/EM18 Line Near Newton, KS for XW2E, XW2F, 
> LilacSat2
> I was really hoping AO85 would be up and working, as several of my 
> stop points included passes, but I understand the engineering team 
> needs to do their thing. I may also work some impromptu EM17 passes 
> later tonight and early tomorrow morning, but that will depend on my 
> non-sat activities.
> Plans 24-72 hours :
> After that I'll be heading west towards Garden City, KS where I will 
> be spending the night. I plan on stopping in EM08/EM07 and DM98/DM97 
> for SO50/FO29 at different points on 10/22/15 as the afternoon 
> progresses. I will be in Holly, CO Friday and Saturday, and DM88/DM87 
> will likely be activated on those days.
> Plans 72 Hours+ :
> Watch Twitter @KG5CCI for latest updates. I try and post as far ahead 
> of time as I can, but sometimes it's as little as 15 minutes prior.
> 73!
> -Dave, KG5CCI
> On 10/9/2015 11:53 PM, Dave Swanson wrote:
>> Hello Satellite Friends and Colleagues,
>> I'll be traveling in few weeks to some spots off the beaten path, and 
>> wanted to give everyone a heads up on the tentative plans. On 
>> Wednesday, October 21st I'll depart Little Rock, AR (EM34) for 
>> Wichita, KS (EM17) via EM25, EM26 & EM16, likely stopping in several 
>> of the grids along the way. After a night in Wichita I'll be heading 
>> west out in the great wheat fields of western Kansas and eastern 
>> Colorado, which will include grids EM08, EM07, DM98, DM97, DM88, and 
>> DM87... the last 4 of those being pretty rarely heard. I'll likely be 
>> out there until Sunday the 25th, when I'll return to Wichita, and 
>> then back to Little Rock on the 26th.
>> Like most of my trips, this is multi-purpose business and personal, 
>> in addition to working satellites, so I don't have precise times of 
>> which passes I'll be on and where I'll be yet. I will be working any 
>> and all linear and FM birds (including all the new ones) from all 
>> locations, weather and time permitting, so be ready with your 
>> all-mode gear and I'll try and get as many 'new-ones' handed out as I 
>> can.
>> If there is a large change my in plans, I'll post a new email, but as 
>> always the absolute best way to get an idea of where I'll be and at 
>> what time is to watch my Twitter account at https://twitter.com/KG5CCI
>> 73!
>> -Dave, KG5CCI

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