[amsat-bb] LOTW reminder for WD9EWK & VA7EWK/3 over the past week...

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Oct 21 23:08:08 UTC 2015


Some reminders about my call signs, and Logbook of the World...

1. If you worked WD9EWK at the Indiana/Michigan/Ohio border
tripoint last Thursday (15 October), you would need to upload
3 QSO records to Logbook of the World, to represent this QSO
in each of the states I stood in at that point. Each QSO record
will need its QSO time to be at least 1 minute different than
each of the others. Otherwise, QSO records with time
differences of less than 1 minute will overwrite an existing
QSO record you previously uploaded. Logbook of the World can
handle contacts with one QSO record for a location in 2 or 4
grids, but cannot handle a similar situation with a single QSO
record for QSOs on other boundaries (states, provinces, counties,
or even countries).

2. Just like with point 1, an upload of 2 QSO records is needed
to get confirmation with WD9EWK in both Indiana and Ohio last
Saturday evening, again with the QSO times differing by at least
one minute. As long as these QSO times are different, and are
within 30 minutes +/- of the times I had in my QSO records for
these locations, you should see QSLs appearing in LOTW.

3. Although I was slipping a little in the evening, I tried to
correct myself on the air, and keep with using VA7EWK/3 as my
call sign yesterday from Ontario. I used VA7EWK/3 on the air,
and the Logbook of the World uploads I just did for those QSOs
will show VA7EWK/3. Please do not ask me to make another QSO
upload if you are looking for a confirmation with VA7EWK
without the "/3".

The only time I may use VA7EWK without any additional
indicators in Canada outside of British Columbia may be on
packet/APRS. For APRS on Tuesday, I used WD9EWK-9 on both sides
of the border as I drove around, but included both of my calls
in the text sent with each of my position packets. This is what
I did for my trip east of Windsor last year, and I put
VK/WD9EWK in that text when I ran APRS in Australia a few
years ago to ensured my station identified in accordance
with Australian regulations.


Twitter: @WD9EWK

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