[amsat-bb] FoxTelem not reaching AMSAT

Bob Beatty alphabobri at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 16:26:09 UTC 2015


When I initially setup the FoxTelem program, I opened the "Settings"
screen, selected the checkbox labeled "Upload to Server", and entered my
call sign (WB4SON) as my "Ground Station Name".  Finally I entered my six
digit grid square (FN41fn) to calculated the Lat/Lon from that, and saved
the settings.  I left the two AMSAT server names alone, so they retained
their default values.

Over a couple of nights, I managed to receive and decode a couple dozen
telemetry frames, and assumed that they were making it to AMSAT.  However,
when I checked at http://amsat.org/tlm/ my call sign does not appear.

Does anyone have an idea why my decoded frames might not be making it to
AMSAT?  (The PC that is running FoxTelem has an working internet

73, Bob, WB4SON

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