[amsat-bb] TM transmitter is ON and satellite pass

shakeel -ur-rehman shakeelj2k at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 21:37:01 UTC 2015

I come to know that funcube TM transmitter is ON during DAY and during NIGHT Transponder in ON during night. I received the satellite BEACON and funcube dashboard was set to capture from sound card  dash was showing detected frequency but no telemtry  data has been received. the pass was taken at  with follwoing date and time

FUNcube-1	 pass date 15 Oct	 pass time: 03:53:39	 GMT time on 15th Oct

 please suggest what will be the problem either my dash board software is cause this error and or the TM transmitter in funcube-1 satellite is off. previously i have taken many successfull passes of funcube satellite.


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