[amsat-bb] Bring your DTMF HT to Amsat Symposium

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 15 14:23:12 UTC 2015

Bring your old DTMF HT to the AMSAT Symposium in Dayton this weekend if you
want to help test out the next DTMF satellite.  The transponder will be at
the symposium and active all weekend.

All you have to do is preload your DTMF callsign and Grid Square into a
DTMF memory on your HT and you can then uplink to the satellite and make
QSO’s.  The satellite responds with voice confirmation and an APRS downlink
to confirm the contact and to route it to the usual APRS web pages.

Info will be available on how to encode your callsign and grid into 16
digits total.

Or you can take a look here: http://aprs.org/qikcom-2.html

About half way down is how to encode your call.

Bob Bruninga


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