[amsat-bb] Eimac Moonbounce - I8CVS

M.Sc. Pavel Milanes Costa co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
Mon Oct 12 23:24:41 UTC 2015

A flash back from a 3rd country....

El 12/10/15 a las 02:50, Phil Karn escribió:
> Years ago I came to the conclusion that the best way to preseve digital
> information is to "keep it spinning"

That's what my team calls a "live repository of information", we in Cuba 
with almost ZERO network available have managed to create a live 
repository...  the live example of "Keep it spinning"

A few technical oriented group of people - hamradio operators or not - 
have a huge doc repository (tech papers, articles, blueprints, 
operating/technical manuals/schematics of any type, handbooks, etc) that 
get mirrored as flash drives and huge USB portable HDDs. When some one 
have a new bunch of GBs of good info it notifies the group and the 
propagation of the info begins... every member has it's subject of 
interest, but we have manage to get at least 2 copies of the same info...

Copyrights is not an issue here at least for the moment.

A few times in the year I get request from one or more people of the 
group to meet and recover a few Gb of info about X subject after it's 
HDD collapse, even I had used this trick a few months ago with the loss 
of my 1TB Portable drive to recover the ~25 Gb ham/commercial radio 
manual/schematics folder organized by manufacturer and even the 
CAT/Programming soft for almost all...

Only if the info is alive and moving it will prevail and never die, 
CD/DVD are good for a year or two, but no more...

That's my live example of the "Keep it spinning" of Phil

73 from Cuba, CO7WT.

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