[amsat-bb] Decoding AO-85 from IC-910H 9600 data socket - any success anyone? -- Success!

Bob Mattaliano n6rfm1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 12:57:59 UTC 2015


Thanks for the response.  Was using my desktop "mic-in" jack.  Soundcard is a built in on my Dell Optiplex 755. Very limited functionality with driver provided, i.e., poor mic input level control and (my) concerns that sub-audible frequencies lost.

So, switched to a cheap USB soundcard (Begringer UCA202) which happened to be on-hand.  Claimed OK down to 10 Hz.  Not fancy, but can input control level.

TADA!  Works!

73 es tks agn,



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	any success anyone?
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So far I have uploaded 276 frames of telemetry using the 9600 port of
the sub-band on my IC910h.  This is wired directly to the "Line-In" of
my desk top computer.

   I would not recommend using the "Mic-In" jack, or a laptop computer.
The 9600 port is used because it offers less filtering of the 0-200 Hz
of the audio band pass.  This is the portion that is filtered heavily to
make PL tones sub audible in the radio , as well as remove 60 Hz and its
3rd at 180 Hz from the microphone input.


On 10/10/2015 10:30, Bob Mattaliano wrote:
> Hi,
> Congrats to the AO-85 team!
> Trying to decode telemetry using the 9600 output of the sub data 
> (while radio is in Sat mode) from my IC-910H.  Has anyone been able to 
> do this?  High elevation passes only?
> 9600 output is connected directly to mic input.  No isolation 
> transformers, etc.  Seems like those making progress have gone the SDR 
> route with IQ data?
> Sound card input - 2 channel (L-R channels connected on cable), 24 
> bit, 48000 Hz
> radio - cable to sub band data socket.  9600 bps transmission on. (Is 
> this for TX only, does not change output and  can be left of?)
> AO-85 software
> Source - mic input, 4800
> start --> no joy,
> Suggestions welcome.
> Thanks, es 73
> Bob N6RFM
> n6rfm1 at gmail.com

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