[amsat-bb] Another FCDPP AO-85 telemetry observation

David G0MRF g0mrf at aol.com
Sun Oct 11 02:27:08 UTC 2015

Thanks Mark.
I'll give that a try.
My 'big improvement' was to remove the Fox1Cliff and 1D search windows and tighten the 1A search window in the config file from 20kHz to 12kHz.
Now it just searches for signals in a small range and tracks Doppler perfectly.


David  G0MRF
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Quick share--

For the FCDPP (Funcube dongle pro plus)---This morning I looked
closely at the baseline noise level in Foxtelem.  It was quite high, around -50
or so.  Since I can't adjust LNA or Mixer (both forced ON in Foxtelem), I went
to the Recording Devices Control panel, and adjusted the audio level
there---from about 25 (used in all my other SDR programs)---down to 4, so my
baseline is about -75.  That seems to have helped a good bit, and even
unattended on the first pass tonight I see it grabbed 35 or so frames.  That's
good, since this morning it got ONE.

Anyhow, those of you running FCDPP might
check that out...


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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