[amsat-bb] Friday evening - LilacSat-2, AO-85 (yes!!!), and SO-50...

Brad Schumacher brad.schumacher66 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 14:26:31 UTC 2015



I downloaded your RF recordings and was able to decode 41 telemetry payloads
from your 0130 UTC pass by playing your recording out from HDSDR at 96000
output bandwidth and piping the audio to FoxTelem.  That's a LOT more than I
was able to decode on my own downlink at home.  Since you were using the Elk
antenna and able to twist for polarity fades, your receive signal was much
better than mine hence more decodes.


I would think that for anybody using an SDR other than the FunCUbe Dongle
that recording the RF then playing back as audio into FoxTelem would provide
a solution to the incompatible .wave file sample rates (192K vs 200K).




Brad Schumacher



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