[amsat-bb] Using AO-85 Transponder

Bill Attwood whattwood at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 07:08:56 UTC 2015

I attempted two passes of AO-85 from DO20 after Jerry's email regarding
activation of the transponder.

During the first attempt with an Alinco HT at 0447 UTC I didn't get into
the bird (approx 4 watts into an Arrow antenna). I was, however, able to
copy AC0RA for most of the latter half of the pass.

I tried again at 0629 UTC using 20 watts TX power on an FT-857 (and the
Arrow). This time I was able to get into the sat from within a degree or
two of AOS to about 6 degrees near LOS. It took a fair bit of playing with
the TX frequency and antenna polarization. Unfortunately nobody else was on

One thing I noticed on both passes was that I had to tune my RX frequency
down by 5 KHz during the last quarter of the pass.


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