[amsat-bb] Does AMSAT want AO-85 decoded frames after the fact?

Zach Leffke zleffke at vt.edu
Fri Oct 9 03:52:21 UTC 2015

General question for those at AMSAT watching the data come in on the server.

Are frames decoded after the fact useful to you guys, or does it just 
confuse the servers and mess up time stamps?  I've been messing around 
with my GNU radio setup and have low speed mode pretty much figured 
out.  For the high speed mode pass earlier, I got nice strong signal but 
failed to decode.  Pretty sure thats all my fault and I need to go back 
and tweak my flowgraphs.  I did make a raw IQ recording of the pass so 
that I can go back and play around with GNU Radio until I get high speed 
mode decoding on FoxTelem.

So the question is, while I'm messing around with that would you prefer 
that I upload to the server or not?  Eventually I hope to dig out the 
missed frames (they're in there on my hard drive, I just need to coax 
them out!), but I don't want to muddle up the time stamps on the AMSAT 
Server.  Are the telemetry frames uniquely coded in some way that you 
can tell that I uploaded it 4 hours after it was overhead (like when I 
upload sequence number 12, and everyone else is on sequence number 482? 
for example)?  Or are the timestamps based on the receiving computer's 
clock, and I should be sure to uncheck the 'upload to server' block when 
I go back to play with IQ recordings so as not to inject false 
timestamps to the server?

And by the way:  Go AMSAT!!!! Congrats all around!  Exciting day today.

Thanks in advance,

-Zach, KJ4QLP

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