[amsat-bb] fox tlm

Jim White jim at coloradosatellite.com
Thu Oct 8 21:24:28 UTC 2015

Thanks Ed.
No luck.  It apparently does not connect to the FCD although there seems 
to be no way to tell except perhaps for noise on the bottom screen.  It 
is not hearing my mic input in audio mode either.
No more time to mess with it right now.


On 10/8/2015 2:35 PM, Ed K9EK wrote:
> Jim:
> Try this: With Foxtelem running, try firing up your signal generator, 
> handheld, etc. to 145.98. With any luck you will see a nice peak in 
> the lower graph. If you vary the signal generator freq, the AFC will 
> track it. Proves that you can receive something. Awesome. What a piece 
> of software. Waiting for 2350Z to try the real thing.
> Ed K9EK
> EM69xd
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> As I read through the docs on the fox tlm program two things are not 
> clear:
> If I have a FunCube Dongle hooked to a USB port and antenna, do I need
> to run any other software besides foxtelem.exe?
> With the FCD on the USB port and the IQ box checked in foxtelem.exe what
> should I see on the screen with no signal present?  Noise, nothing?
> How do I know, before the signal is there, if this is working and the
> FCD is talking to foxtelem?
> When I run the FCD software it can talk to the FCD dongle, set the freq,
> etc.  When I run foltelem there is no indication anything is talking to
> anything else.
> Jim
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